Monday, June 25, 2012

Arjun – Teri Meri Remix (feat. Priti Menon)

This young British Asian singer just keeps getting better each time! Fresh from the success of his remixes of‘Why This Kolaveri Di’ (6.6 million views), ‘Kabhi Kabhi’ (1.7 million views) and’Chammak Challo‘ (1 million views), British singer/songwriter/producer Arjun brings you his latest Bollywood reworking a heart-rending rendition of ‘Teri Meri’ from the hit movie ‘Bodyguard’. The song is produced and sung by Arjun, and also features the exquisite Hindi vocals of upcoming singer Priti Menon.
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Arjun - Teri Meri Remix (feat. Priti Menon)

Arjun has recently been touring all over the world. In May alone he performed in Toronto, New York, Atlanta, London & Auckland, New Zealand, and even managed to fit in a trip to Philadelphia to record with US super-producer Jim Beanz and Timbaland’s writing team.
Check out the Remix of the hit song ‘Teri Meri’ from the Bollywood movie ‘Bodyguard’ which Arjun has redone with a touch of R and B style.

With over 12 million YouTube views, 85,000 Facebook fans and nearly 20,000 Twitter followers, Arjun is a force to be reckoned with, maintaining a huge online buzz. 2012 has been a life-changing year for the rising British star, and having established a foothold in both the worlds of Indian cinema and Western mainstream R&B/Pop, the next few months are looking very exciting for the talented artist.
Check out his latest video with new artist Priti Menon! Tell us what you think of this version of Teri Meri from the hit movie Bodyguard!

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