Anish Choudhary

Anish Choudhary

The head honcho & passionate music connoisseur Mr. Anish Choudhary , A regular boy with extra ordinary passion for music. This boy had a knack for music and understood the need for getting together a community to support the local artists. He got together a blog wherein all the DJ’s could upload their audios and reach out to the people and very soon this blog turned into a website owing to the tremendous response that they garnered from the people. Today RD Beatz is an organisation that works for promoting these local artists in the best way that they can. They promote Underground DJ’s, Rappers, Singers, Musicians. Establishing this entire network at such a young age is an achievement.

Obsessed with exploring the world of websites without blinking an eye till I sleep!
I design and develop beautiful websites for small and medium business. I’ve been on the road for more than 1000+ days and still exploring and learning new things each passing day. I’ve tried my hands on video editing and surprised that my hands could do that too. I’ve been able to edit videos for budding DJs and Rappers and looking forward to work more.

In my spare time, I can be found playing PUBG looking for level three bag, helmet and vest!

Nice to meet you stranger!

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